Vintage The Packer newspaper clipping, Robt. T. Cochran & Co. Inc

A Brief History

In the early 80's Delaware ruled queen of the peach industry, and the Cochran clan, Scotch Irish to the bone, were prominent peach producers, young Tommie Cochran in 1890 at the age of seventeen came to New York to see his father's peaches sold, and so interesting did he find the game that after three years apprenticeship with many of the merchants at the time, he founded the co-partnership of Robt. T. Cochran & Co. in June of 1893.

Tommie Cochran joined his forefathers in 1922 but his two sons, Thomas Fletcher Cochran and Lindsey Warren Cochran, continued active management of the business, fortified by many of the original employees.

Robert "Tom" Cochran II took over from his father, Fletcher, in the 1960's and ultimately moved the family business to the Hunts Point Market in 1967.

Today Richard Cochran and his son, Mike Cochran, carry on the family tradition of quality and service.


Richard Cochran, President
Michael Cochran, VP Sales
Louis Langone, Sales
Gaetan Russo, Sales
Teri Castro, AR
Lori Gobbetti, Office Manager
Michael Fergusen, HR, Assistant Manager